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With the rapid development in mobile technology most of us carry a fantastic G.P.S device around in our pockets and with an simple app download we can have a massive collection of routes as well as tracking your own walks. Back in the day, I started out drawing and photocopying routes on O.S maps but now my device of choice is View Ranger  it is used by the mountain rescue guys so that`s good enough for me.

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I am in the process of recording my lifetimes knowledge of the walking routes in the Black Mountains Brecon Becaons to this digital device. An ever growing collection of these can be found here with links to my view ranger profile and accompanying G.P.S download. I try and include many points of interest both historical and natural history, which the Black Mountains has in abundance from Neolithic burial mounds and Monastic sites to Glacial lakes and Reservoirs and a few SSSI nature reserves.



The walks all have an accompanying blog and video.  I am always available on the end of a phone, text or social media to answer question about the local weather conditions or seasonal points of interest .  We love hearing about how you got on in the area and any points that you think could be added or change. Or if you just want to share your photos and stories with the ever growing tribe of hill junkies

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 The Walks/Routes have been Categorised under the following Titles

The Black Mountains  

The Central Becaons

The Western Beacons   

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