Pen Y Manllwyn

In truth this peak is part of Waun Fach, however it is the culmination of the fantastic ridge that is know as Y Grib or The wonderfully named Dragon`s Back.  Pen Y Manllwyn stands at 775m and is easily over looked as one gazes at Waun Fach.

The source of the River Rhiangoll


Pen Y Manllwyn shares the source of the river Rhiangoll with Waun Fach, but as Waun Fach slowly melts into Pen Trumau Pen Y mallwyn melts into Twyn Mawr and the fantastic Y Grib (Dragons Back).

Y Grib (Dragons Back) leading upto Pen Y Manllwyn with Castle Dinas at the Base

By far the finest way to reach the summit of Pen Y Manllwyn is the walk up The Dragons Back starting at Castle Dinas Pengenfford and following the gnarled spine of the Dragons Back. The walking rote can be found on the Walking Routes page with accompanying G.P.S download and short video.

Y Grib- Mynydd Bychan-Y Das-breconbeacons-brecon-beacons-blackmountains-black-mountains-walking-hiking-rotes-photo-photography-photographer-blakmountphoto
Y Gib leading up to a snow capped Pen Y Manllwyn under a winters suu



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