Pen Trumau


A subsidiary hill standing at 707m and very much part of Waun Fach. Pen Trumau flows steeply down into the Rhiangoll valley and has suffered greatly since a moorland fire back in the 70`s destroyed the natural safety net of moorland grasses . The rain water run off water has scoured the surface back to bare sandstone and the scars can be seen from the surrounding hills.

Pen Trumau Errosion

There is like most of the surrounding hills a wealth of archaeological artefacts worth a visit. Coflein reports

Bronze Age Cairn I – SO1963729254:

‘Cairn I at Pen Trumau is a stone cairn, 20m in diameter and up to 2m high, on the edge of a natural terrace below Pen Trumau. Turf and bilberries covered the edges but most of the cairn was clear of vegetation when recorded in November 2007. The centre of the cairn was disturbed. Two modern cairns surmount it.’

Bronze Age Ring Cairn – SO1963429242:

‘Lying 1m to the south side of Bronze Age cairn was a small irregular sub circular feature, approximately 6.3m x 4.2m, defined by a stone bank 1m wide x 0.3m high’.

The erosion has been tackled several times with some wonderful alternative measures such as using woollen fleeces impregnated with cotton grass seeds Woollen Line and the website.

Recently a modest grant of 200,000 was given by the Welsh Government as a result of the findings of the State of Nature Report. With the objective to help the restoration of the Black Mountains heathland. More of this to follow

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