Pen Allt Mawr

Pen Allt mawr ridge under a September sunset

Forming a distinctive plateau the Allt Mawr ridge commands the sky line above Crickhowell and is very often confused with the smaller Table Top hill ( Crug Hywel). Pen Allt Mawr standing at 702m with a prominance of 102m is the western point of the fish shaped plateau with Pen Cerrig Calch over looking Crickhowell and holding the eastern corner and the lesser visited Pen Gloch Y Pidwr sited to south of Pen Allt Mawr and over looks the little village of Cwmdu and the Rhiangoll valley

Pen Allt Mawr ridge overlooking Cwmdu and Rhiangoll valley

As you would imagine a summit this distinctive would of drawn people for thousands of years. The first people who made the Black Mountains home left us evidence of the power of the place, with the construction of many cairns and the recent discovery of a neolithic arrow head and cup perhaps from the Beaker people on the side of Pen Allt Mawr (more info about that discovery can be found here.) The View form the Summit of Allt Mawr is the reward for a good walk as the Black Mountains snake out in front of you in an ever tempting contortion of peaks and plateaus

Black Mountains vast and radiant


Pen Allt Mawr can be tackled from many different and interesting ways many of which I have covered in detail on the walking routes page with a walk titled ” The Pens of Hywell the Good ” a list that is constantly being updated with new routes.

The view across the Grwyne Feachan valley from Waun Fach to Pen Allt Mawr on a summers evening surrounded by cotton grass is a ” must do ” experience for any hill lover with the song of the skylark  piercing the breeze

A summer evening on Waun Fach looking towards Pen Allt Mawr




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