I have spent all my life living in and around the Brecon Beacons its a place that has given me so very very much for so very very little but its time for me move on so this will be my last season photographing the Brecon Beacons.

Its time to repay my debut so all images I produce during the 201617 season/project are going to be free to whoever wants them, to do with as they so wish. Part of the gift from me to you will be that you consider making a donation direct to the relevant Mountain Rescue team that covers the area of the image.

Free from heavy cloud of commercial constraints and it being my last season this might prove to be my most personal body of work as its without brief or expectation.

The full size image file (jpeg) will be via email it will have a small #201617 watermark in the bottom right corner which can be cropped out if you so wish. The file will be ready for print so you can upload it to any of the photo printing websites to get printed or used on the internet, there is no need to credit the image or link back to me or my website. Unfortunately I cannot sign any of the images or give away any images or prints outside of this project as that would not be fair to my previous customers who already own limited edition works


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