Episode 4 Hitting the low

It happens to us all, we start to spiral down into a low where our mojo just leaves us and creativity seems impossible. It always follows me like a big black dog, which for most of the time stays just out of reach but now, now I can feel its breath on the back of my neck. And I know before I can move on I must at least rub its belly.

I almost didn’t post this vlog as I really couldn’t be bothered to edit it and through equipment failure the audio is next to useless but its a vlog so my failures and low’s must be documented and not in the spirit of reportage


    If by any chance you would like a copy of the image drop me an email ( blackmountainsphotography@gmail.com ) and I “ll send the high resolution file ready for printing and if you would like to make a donation the image was taken on the Longtown Mountain Rescues  patch and they would be grateful of any help


  1. Hope you don’t mind me asking – the ‘boulder field’ location on the second half of the video – where is that? It’s not a location I remember coming across before.


      1. Ah got it – just south west of Abergavenny. I’d never have thought of heading up there – must have a recce.


  2. Hi, you have given such immense pleasure over the years with your film & video of The Brecon Beacons and the Blackmountains ,we will miss that so much because we can only get there every so often and we would not survive without the rock on the tramway at Craig y Cilau and your wonderful artistry of the mountains and valleys. Wales is my country and I also suffer from blackdog , but let me assure you that there is a light and this is the 1st Sunday in Advent, look and you will find Jesus he is the light and the hope and the salvation that helps us cope with the trauma of everyday life, so Diolch my friend for all you have done for me . Trevor Pritchard berkoboy@live.co.uk

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    1. thank you Trevor for your wise words I will indeed be strange day when I leave the Brecon Beacons but I need to close the chapter but until then ( sometime in the spring ) i will endeavour to give you my best


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