Brecon Beacons Landscape Photographers Diary……the end

With the 60th episode and the explosion of the bluebells our Diary project at last closes. I have tried to share with you guys a typical landscape photography season across the Black Mountains. We started off back in August knee deep in heather and hope, we watched the autumnal colour flare up and vanish in a puff of breeze. We fought blizzards and gale force winds explored cliffs and Darens, walked the high ridges of the llanthony valley and chased the Dragons Breath mist. We stuck our noses into the derelict farm houses and the long legacy of the People of the Black Mountains and sowed the seeds of potential collections of work and I promise we will get out on Llangors Lake in the old canoe very soon. You got introduced to and become to love Meg or ” Lurch ” and if the truth be know she was the star of the project as she faithfully accompanied me up in to the hills in some tasty weather.

It was all filmed on an iphoney 4s and is very rough and ready but I wanted the fast paced fly on the wall feel to the project. I do hope that it has inspired you to pay the area a visit and above all else grab your camera and head for the hills, please feel free to share your stories, adventures and photos of your time in the area on our social media or via email. I thank you all for your input, comments, shares, likes & favs it did keep the project alive.




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