Brecon Beacons Landscape photography Diary….Cwmyoy Daren March 25th

brecon beacons,cwmyoy,daren,cliff,landscape,photography,llanthony,vale of ewyas,blakmountphoto,black mountains photography

Our next Daren or Cliff is the largest in both size and character. It stands guard over the llanthony valley giving the Crooked church its twisted shape and once home to most of the building stone for the Abbey and surrounding farm buildings. Thankfully it is now very quiet, overgrown and very rarely visited.

brecon beacons,cwmyoy,daren,cliff,hatterrall,blakmountphoto,black mountains  photography,llanthony,vale ewyas


To get an idea of the scale and its shaping of the valley we will start our exploration from the other side of the valley on the Ffwddog ridge, ending the session back at the batcave to get a better view and formulate our next step

Intrigued by the ” giant skid marks ” the plan must surely be a grand tour. So the plan is to walk right across the top of the Daren before dropping down the contour and picking our way back across the base of the cliff.


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