Aurora Borealis Brecon Beacons 17th March 2015

aurora,Aurora Borealis,brecob beacons,wales,sugar loaf,abergavenny,blakmountphoto

aurora,aurora Borealis,brecon beacons,breconbeacons,wales,abergavenny,


I was lucky enough to photograph the Aurora February last year,

February 2014

it was a snatched image but nevertheless I was very chuffed with it but it wasn’t the composition I was looking for, as having a recognisable silhouette in the foreground is so very important when photographing a phenomena that is rarely seen as far south as the Brecon Beacons.

To truly appreciate the pulsing flow and almost living nature of the Aurora you need to record it with time lapse photography and I don’t need any excuse to sit up in the hills long into the night

As you would imagine it was a frantic couple of hours with me firstly being up the wrong mountain due to the mist, so a quick dash to the old faithful Sugar Loaf Mountain was my last chance as time was now against me. I arrived in the car park only to be greeted with more chuffin mist but forever being the optimist I grabbed my gear and headed for the hill. As I slowly climbed up through the mist I thought I could see a vertical shaft of light, very similar to car headlights on a foggy night, knowing that there was no road over the other side of the hill it could only be the Aurora. Puffing an panting like an asthmatic chipmunk I set up the gear and chanced my arm at a photo which was a 20 second exposure which added to the drama as I had to wait for it to crunch the data before revealing itself on the back of the camera, being just over half way up the mountain the screen on the back of the camera would decide if I were to carry on.

iphoney pic of the big camera screen

On seeing this I got my second wind and ran as as fast as a 16 stone (ish) hobo can run to the summit of the Sugar Loaf and the rest was just an orgy of photography with over 400 images being committed to binary


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