Brecon Beacons Landscape Photographers Diary…Ysbryd Yr Hendre Chwech

breconbeacons,brecon-beacons,ysbryd -yr-hendre,ruins,farm-house,welsh,farming,history,black-mountains,blakmountphoto,

breconbeacons,brecon-beacons,ysbryd -yr-hendre,ruins,farm-house,welsh,farming,history,black-mountains,blakmountphoto,

In our modern society the size of a man`s car is a status symbol for some but go back a few hundred years and it was the size of your barn that signified wealth expertise and power in the hill farming community. As with a large barn came a big head of live stock for both housing and the storing of fodder. Once your large barn was built like all of use money would be the lavished improving the home and can you imagine the kuodos that would go with a second fire and a bred oven. There is an interesting story that goes along with the appearance of the bread oven in the Black Mountains but that can wait for another episode. So once again join me as we crawl around the skeleton of a family home and briefly step back a few hundred years


  1. Thank you Simon and Meg. As usual, you didnt disappoint us. It was a very interesting structure along with the barn. The beams were still there even if in rough shape, it proves they knew the tree to use ,that was both strong and long lasting. The Sun settling over the mountain was a beauty. I was afraid you had left it too late to start hiking back. Has it ever happened to you Simon?

    John, Canada.


    1. Very often the beams where used in the round so to speak which means the whole tree, the building is a few hundred years old and they would of been the original beams. I am very often either walking up or walking back in the dark and to be honest I do really enjoy being out there under moon light. Many thanks as always John for you thoughtful comments and feedback


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