Brecon Beacons Landscape Photographers Diary…Ysbryd Yr Hendre Pump

brecon beacons,brecon-beacons,black-mountains,farm,ruin,building,history,blakmountphoto,blackmountainsphotography

brecon beacons,brecon-beacons,black-mountains,farm,ruin,building,history,blakmountphoto,blackmountainsphotography

The shroud of facts, figures and information was well and truly lifted from my eyes by the last ruin we visited in episode Pedwar ( 4 ). The reason for me photographing and visiting these skeletons of people lives is no longer for me a fact finding mission, it has very much become a deep almost visceral compulsion to understand the families, the indigenous People of the Black Mountains. I don`t need to understand their everyday life, what they looked like or what work they did, I what to understand their enaid. They lived a life solely dependent on the landscape, the understanding of the weather, the seasons and the animals ( both domesticated and native ) that they shared the land with was fundamental to their survival.  To understand their environment to such an aboriginal level would of been more than just a job it would of been the holder of a volume of information passed down for many many generation with out doubt reaching as far back as at least the bronze age and if not futher. So as we visit this next Hendre resit the temptation to be absorbed by the stunning surrounding and imagine life at 1400 ft ( 450 meters )

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