Brecon Beacons Landscape Photography Diary…Ysbryd Yr Hendre Tri


I like yourselves look at these old ruins and imagine the families that would of once called them home. I wonder what their daily lives would of entailed, the fetching of water, the lighting of the fire for light, warmth and most importantly cooking and no other find has brought it home to me than the discovery of a bread oven. Now I do enjoy a good crusty loaf and as a treat I will pay over the odd`s for a stone baked loaf from waitrose for my sandwiches but can you imagine having to cook your bread and cakes on a daily basis. The building of the fire to get the chimney breast hot enough then letting it die down enough so as it stays at a constant temperature to cook a loaf, which I would imagine has been proving in the other corner of the room for the last couple of hours, you know the corner that is at just the right temperature for yeast to ferment perhaps covered in a damp gingham tea towel. The architecture and techniques of building such a structure are a time honoured craft but the bred oven its self is very much a 17th Century addition and in some way can date the building. I can see these key feature, the fireplace staircase and the bread oven in my minds eye as I look at these ruins but I appreciate that some of you cant so for the next episode I will try and sketch them in place and collect some images of them in what sometimes is a modernised sate but at least can still be identified. So please as you sit back in your chair with a piece of toast or a sandwich watching this next video imagine cooking your daily loaf in the back of your fire.

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