Brecon Beacons landscape photographers Diary…Olchon Valley Walk No 4

olchon,longtown,cats back,black hill,hay bluff,black mountains,brecon-beacons-blakmountphoto-landscape-photography

breconbeaons,brecon beacons,olchon,longtown,cats back,black hill,hay bluff,black mountains,blakmountphoto

For the final walk in the January Series of the Dairy and the 4th in my Black Mountains introductory collection we cross the border to England and walk the famous Cats Back circular or as I have called it Two Rivers Two Trigs and a Cat .  The wind and a recent snow fall forces me off the initial ridge at the start of the cat and we follow the leeward track and enjoy a healthy meal of pudding stone before braving the ridge onwards. I have as always included a free GPS download and a complete Google photosphere constellation of the walk for you to have a play with.



2 rivers 2 trigs and a cat map
click to download free map

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