Brecon Beacons Landscape Photography Diary…27th December 2 River of Waun Fach



At the beginning of the month we set about trying to spent an entire month working in Black & White which was soon to be branded on twitter the #monthofmono. I continued with my usual programme of walking and photographing in the Black Mountains in some variable weather conditions locations and times of day but with the constant nagging brief of trying to understand what is required to work in Mono. I decided not only to photograph in mono but produce the video diary in the same genre. So before I ramble on about my thoughts and conclusions of the experiment, lets have a stretch of the legs and visit the sources of Waun Fach`s two rivers


If you have been following the diary this month I tried to include most light and weather conditions. You will already of come to your own conclusions as to he best conditions for mono photography but for what its worth, here are my thoughts.

Compositions is so much more important that when working in colour as a colourful sky will hide a lot of compositional flaws. Your photography time is greatly extended and you can work in the middle of the day as high contrast does seem to make a mono image really pop. Mono photography gives you a lot more flexibility when it comes to working on a long term project with a continuous theme i.e buildings or trees for example.  As you are not so reliant on the same colour of light or time of the day as you would be in colour. I suppose the most important but often over looked requirement of photography is the final print and the producing a piece of art, its here that I think mono comes into its own as its a limited colour palette that will fit with almost any interior colour scheme and is truly timeless. I still find it a crime photographing the landscapes of the Brecon Beacons in mono and am looking forward to slipping back into my hedonistic world of sunset and sunrises but I have a coming project that I think the laziness on mono will be of a big advantage to me and I try and deal with its geographical size and complexity of subject


  1. Thanks Simon, Just breathtaking. I caught you on BBC Breakfast which was a real treat for me because I live in Canada. I followed your link and was able to tune in. I have family in Brecon Beakons so have an interest in watching what she sees as you walk the Mountains. Thank you for your Black and White Month of photos, very enjoyable. All the best for 2015 Simon. ………………..John, Canada.


    1. Hi John,
      So good to hear you enjoyed the radio programmes and the month of mono. January is going to be a collection of video walks across the Black Mountains which I think you might enjoy. Many thanks and a big Happy New year to Canada from our little corner of Wale


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