Brecon Beacons Landscape Photographers Diary 3rd December



As 2014 draws to an end I have started to review the years portfolio of images and once again my nemesis rears its ugly head. Before I divulge what is the thorn in my side let me just lay down some facts

  1. I am truly blessed to be able to literally walk out of my door and have the Black Mountains sprawling out in front of me.
  2. I understand that the majority of people have to plan a trip into the hills which very often will include a long car journey where as I can be standing on the top of Waun Fach the highest summit in about an hour from my door.
  3. I truly understand that the undisturbed beauty of the Black Mountains is somewhat unique with its rolling open heather carpeted moorland to it deep ancient deciduous woodland filled valleys.
  4. I see it as my responsibility to capture and share this unique corner of Wales for those who for what ever reason are unable to wander freely in its embrace.

I have waffled on long enough so this now bring me to the weak point in my portfolio and a dilemma of my persona. I don’t really see myself as a ” photographer ” I class myself more a Countryman who uses photography as a tool to convey the complexity and intoxicating beauty of the countryside which we live around.  I really find it extremely difficult to remove the colour from the countryside and produce Mono or Black & White images. I have experimented in the medium or genre, tentatively but have very rapidly resorted back to the comfort of colour. So I have decided to make a consecrative effort to explore this medium before another year is out, so for the last month of 2014 and the start of winter, I am going all ” mono ” which is kinda apt as I don`t like December very much at all and find it a bit of a struggle that`s until we get to the Solstice and then my mood is lifted as subconsciously I feel we have turned the corner and the days are in-fact getting a little longer . Apologies for such a long winded introduction but I feel as though I really need to explain and apologise as to why everything is in Black & White.


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