Parc Lodge Brecon Beacons Landscape Photography Diary..15th November



Nestled away in one of the many valleys in the Black Mountains is a old dilapidated stone wall covered in moss and guarded by gnarled ancient oaks, a place that collects time. All stone walls have a story and if your a fan of the long gone but not forgotten time team tv show you too will have a eye for these features left in the landscape. So let me introduce you to a wall and a ditch or a HAHA which envelopes some of the finest ancient oak woodland in the Black Mountains. The wall built sometime in the 11th century was part of the vast rolling estate of St Mary`s Priory the Westminster Abbey of Wales and held a stock of Deer for the Landed gentry to hunt on horse back and the local poachers to feast upon ūüėČ . ¬†Now this fantastic forgotten about ¬†600 acres it is in the possession and under the care of the National Trust¬†¬†. So join me on a mooch about this park in good old fashion peasant poacher style as I walk freely with lurcher. ¬†The old Lord Of Abergavenny ( Hamelin de Ballon ) would be turning and spitting feathers in his grave seeing the likes of me in his park.


Feel free to download the G.P.S walking route and if you do go for a mooch in the park please let me know how you got on, I would love to hear about it and see your pics you can drop me an email or post on our social media

parc life
Click for download map


Explore the collection deeper with the

Quercus Distilled Collection 

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