Stopping livestock, but not hedgehogs

National Trust Brecon Beacons and Monmouthshire

Parc lodge cattle grids a

There are 2 cattle grids on the way up to Parc lodge farm. I had spent time and money repairing both of them over the years but they had got to the point of no return this year.  They were losing strength and not really stopping the livestock and there was no escape from them for wildlife that fell in.

Parc Lodge Cattle Grids b

I decided to go for 2 x 50 ton rated grids. Graham, the tenant, agreed to make a financial contribution for the new uprated grids, as well as helping out and making his tractors available to move everything around.

There were a few logistical problems; this is the only road access and it is used by another property as well as the farm. Picking days to close off the road that suited everyone, and sticking to them with the weather, proved difficult!

Parc Lodge Cattle Grids c

Because of the design of the new grids…

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