Dragons Breath Anatomy…..12th October Brecon Beacons Landsacape photographers Diary


The past couple of sessions have been tough, with the light and weather proving very difficult to predict in fact I don’t think I have produced an image I am truly satisfied with since the 5th of Octobers session. Since then 4 session have passed which have seen me climbing the hills and wandering fruitlessly around in the twilight with very little to show for my efforts, now don’t get me wrong I truly live to be in the hills and time in the hills is never wasted but the objective of this project is to record a Landscape Photographers Diary so therefore I need to produce photographs and video of a sufficiently entertaining standard so as least I feel justified in sharing them with you all.

iphoney image

So that brings us nicely to dawn on the 12th of October and my investment in time and stubborn belief that my mojo must surely change was about to pay off. We had a lot of moisture in the atmosphere and in the ground from all the rain of late and I knew that all we needed was for high pressure to arrive and a clear night to produce an epic dragons breath. For those of you not familiar with the term ” Dragons Breath ” have a watch of this blog entry. Being a seasoned landscape photographer I was ready for this and had a location in mind and the techniques to capture it ( yeah right!!!!) so with out an further adieu let me introduce to you the Dragons Breath of the Brecon Beacons

And for all those who just like the freedom of  photosphere please feel free to have a mooch about below


  1. Thank you so much for having the patience to do this so we can all enjoy. Your open nature and kindness really show in your beautiful work…Thank you again x


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