Tadpoles & Double Rainbows…10th October Allt Y Esgair Brecon Beacons Landscape photography Diary

You join me on a very rare trip as I gingerly venture outside the comfort of my patch and enter hostile territory. In the interest of bringing you a complete view of the Black Mountains I am prepared to put my life on the line in true Indiana Jones style. Its a steady climb up another of the areas wonderful hill forts some 2500 years old. It commands fine views of llangorse lake and gives us a new perspective on the shape of the lake.

A photosphere gives a fantastic way of exploring the ridge and you can move from one to the other just like google street view

 The hill known as Allt Y Esgair or just the Allt. I mentioned it at the start on the month in this episode Sunset at Syffadon . Its a wooded ridge that rises up 400m and was part of the Roman road that carved up the lowlands.  So join me for a brief visit and a sunset overlooking llangorse lake.

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