Brecon beacons Landscape Photography Diary..Twin Peaks 22nd September


I am always looking for new ways to bring the Black Mountains into your homes and of late I have been experimenting with various apps ( photosphere ) , image hosting sites ( panoramio) and conducting market research on my social media outlets on both facebook and twitter . If you have browsed the rest of this site you will of found my Walking Routes  page with the View Ranger G.P.S downloadable maps giving the blogs a media rich feel. Taking all this on-board I set about to try and pull it all together into one place which we have below. Titled Twin Peaks it should take the average walker about 4 hrs that’s allowing plenty of photography time.

View Ranger Route
Click to view and download map

We start the walk along side the Grwyne Fawr stream before crossing it and starting the climb up the side of Gader Fawr quickly taking in the cairn before heading north west crossing the saddle and braving the wasteland that is Waun Fach. Continuing along the path we come to a small walkers cairn that marks the summit of Pen Y Manllwyn which from this direction seem a bit non de-script but if you are approaching it from Castle Dinas and up and along Y Crib ” The Dragons Back ” believe me its a welcome sight. The whole of the northern edge of the Black Mountains is now folded out in front and its here we head north to Rhos Dirion where we come sadly to a fence and gate, resit the temptation to press on but follow the fence south east and down to the Reservoir and back to the car park but please take time to investigate the stream along the way especially pre reservoir or stop at the Bothy for a brew.

Just to give a bit of the background to the session I used the smartphone to run the viewranger app record the pov video, take pictures, panoramas and photospheres.  iphone images can be found here and the photosphere`s below

<div><small><a href=”; style=”color:#0000FF; text-align:left”>Views</a>: <a href=”; style=”color:#0000FF; text-align:left”>Pen Y Manllwyn Cairn</a> by <a href=”; style=”color:#0000FF; text-align:left”>simon powell (blakmountphoto)</a></small></div>

As condition where very favourable also recorded stock HD 1080p video a sample can be found below

Due to the fact that Grwyne Fawr reservoir was very low I also took a collection of stock images. For those not familiar with the term ” stock image ” they are basically newspaper /advertising type images a bit boring to be honest so I try not do too many but they can be viewed here 



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