Google Photosphere 21st September

I have been doing a bit of casual market research over on my Facebook page about how people like to view my images and the general consensus was as large as possible. So I set off to find the ultimate platform. Imagine my euphoria when I found a platform that not only let me upload a large panorama but also being able to geotag its location so that my fans can stand in the same spot as me (we virtually ). So I set about uploading all the images from the past couple of weeks to Panoramio. That was until late on a saturday night when by chance I stumbled across………


Well it blew me away as things are about to change. As not only can you see where I was standing but you can now see behind me, above me and below me in s stunning movable spherical orgy of binary so please have a play with the spheres below and let me know what you think on social media or comment below. These are the first few and with a bit of experimentation I should be able to produce a really top quality experience



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