Brecon Beacons Landscape Photographers Diary… 7th September Sunset Takeaway

brecon-beacons,sunset,Ysgyryd Fawr,Skirrid Fawr,black-mountains,summer,blakmountphoto,foraging


The rich pickings of autumn start for me with the Whinberries, Found on the open heather covered hillside, a delicate time consuming berry to pick but oh so very worth it. I am unsure why or how they just taste so fab is it because the grow in the clean unpolluted air and soil found on the highest places in the area or is it an deep seated instinct in us as it would of been an important harvest for our neolithic ancestors as they fattened up for the winter. Once I have stained my fingers and clothes in an orgy of whinberry juice its time for some roughage so join me for a Sunset Takeaway Brecon Beacons style



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