Brecon Beacons Landscape Photographers Diary 18th August The Art of Being Smug


Location : Lord Hereford`s Knob ( Twmpa ) at Sunset

Late summer sunlight and long shadows down the Bwch Valley

With a brief respite in the chaotic weather of late I decided to visit a personal favourite location of mine, to take it easy for a change and just enjoy being in the hills. The sunset was looking like it was going to be mellow so I took the opportunity to try and explain my thought process as I delved into the dark art of Composition. lets be honest anybody can use a camera, if you can use a Betamax or VHS (showing my age there) or own a smartphone you can take high quality images but its composition that stops people in their tracks and reaches deep into their soul. Well that`s the theory over with so enjoy a free lesson and join me in my hills for another episode of The Landscape photographers Diary

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