Brecon Beacons Landscape Photographers Diary Factory Reset Mr Mojo Risin 7th August


Location : Llanthony, Garn Wen, Ffwddog Ridge at Sunrise

We are living through a period of fundamental evolution as a species. Our bodies are subjected to artificial stimulation whether that be florescent light from our climatically controlled hermetically sealed boxes that we so lovingly call home, or its the little screens that emit that light from the blue end of spectrum that we bathe in long into the night. Which stimulates our minds and keeps our bodies at a state of alertness and tension.



Now I aint no witch doctor or quak but my friends, I can offer you a solution to this problem a problem that is affecting more and more of us on a daily basis. The symptoms are a feeling of being lost, distant to the world around you and a generally lethargic mood lacking inspiration and creativity.  Follow my new how to guide on the factory resting of the Circadian Rhythm.


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