Brecon Beacons Landscape Photographers Diary Cavers and Hurricanes 5th August

Location : Llangattock Escarpment ( Mynydd Llangatwg ) at Sunset

        A change in the weather and a spur of the moment decision takes us over the western side of the black-1Black Mountains on a reccey in search of potential ” Dragons Breath ” locations for next month, but whilst there the first hint of the approaching unsettled period makes its self felt with thick heavy clouds and face stinging rain and god how I have missed it. The geology tells the tale over on the western side, of a time a millennia ago when on the bottom of a tropical sea a bed of skeletal fragments of marine organisms were laid down on the sea floor forming limestone, whilst the red devonian sandstone of the Black Mountains was being formed on the bottom of a warm shallow tropical fresh water lagoon, somewhere down south close to the equator. The river Usk has since carved a deep valley that now separate the two. The limestone slowly melts away into the South West coal field which as we all know from our school years is made up of dead tress, who would of thought that rocks could tell us so much. Anyway onto the video

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