It begun in the heather 3rd August Brecon Beacons Landscape photographers Diary


 Location : The Sugar Loaf  ( Pen Y Fal ) at Sunset

It Began in the Heather


The photography season begins for me with the flowering of the Heather. It is the last mass eruption of flowers of the year, it corresponds with the arrival of the Persied meteor shower and the approaching Equinox which all signal the start of  Autumn. The summer is spent sleeping eating and generally dreaming about the hills. I did however experience dawn of the summer solstice, which I always view from the cairn on top of Gader Fawr. This is primarily due to the the fact that the views are the  finest from this summit and the whole area is awash with cotton grass, plus its of one the largest Bronze age Cairns of the area.


As is so often the case these moments are often shared with the wildlife and it was during this dawn that a Golden plover was sat in the grass  (roughly in the middle of the video) singing or calling. Which is a strange sort of sound but contributing to what is a very unique dawn chorus accompanied of course by the obligatory skylark. I recorded a timelapse video sequence capturing the movement of  ” Dragons Breath ” as is swept and heaved it way across the hillside, the audio can be found here part of my dawn chorus collection.

Well that`s almost everything up to date apart from the Noctilucent clouds episode which deserves an entire blog post all of its own.

So lets kick things off  with a video



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